pocket tree for JAKUETS

I designed the canopy "pocket tree" for sale by Jakuettsu Corporation, a company that specializes in manufacturing and selling educational materials for childcare and the design of educational facilities. The fabric is made of jacquard weave, creating transparent pockets between the patterns of white branches by weaving the fabric in single and double layers. Children can place chips shaped like flowers and leaves into these pockets. The canopy is intended for children to nap underneath, and when suspended from the ceiling, the colorful chips, along with white branches and small birds, float in the pockets. The chips are repurposed from Jakuettsu's manufacturing process waste materials. 保育教材の製造販売や教育施設の設計を手がける株式会社ジャクエツから販売される、保育園や幼稚園で使用する天蓋「pocket tree」をデザインしました。