Concept room for Hoshino Resort OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka

HIMURO DESIGN STUDIO inc. was in charge of the renewal design of the “Toden Room,” a concept room based on the theme of the Toden Arakawa Line, at the Hoshino Resort OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka, an urban sightseeing hotel where guests can fully enjoy the Otsuka town. Otsuka is well known for the tram; Toden Arakawa line, which is very rare public transportation in Tokyo.Guests can enjoy the view through the terrace and the window of the guest room since OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka located by the tram line.The concept room “Toden room” was created in 2018 based on the hotel staff's idea to deliver a new hotel stay experience from the perspective of enjoying Otsuka town. For this renewal, we researched the townscape and local symbols along the tram line, and reflected those unique elements on the textiles and graphics for cushions, wallpaper, carpets, bathrooms and bed areas to give fun experience to guests. The designs are inspired the excitement of encountering the tram; Toden Arakawa line, the atmosphere of the warm retro street vibe, which can be seen when riding the tram, and the people who pass through the streets. The room includes a lot of unique textile design.There are cushion covers that apply our original SNIP SNAP textile technology which people can enjoy cutting the fabric surface by using scissors, Rugs that describe the railroad track created by making three dimensional design on the surface with composing paper and wool yarns, and woven cushions that look like the cockpit of a tram. 大塚の街を楽しみ尽くす都市観光ホテル「星野リゾート OMO5東京大塚」の都電荒川線をテーマにしたコンセプトルーム“都電ルーム”のリニューアルデザインをHIMURO DESIGN STUDIO inc.が担当しました。
弊社では今回のリニューアルのために、都電沿線の街並みやシンボルをリサーチし、クッションや壁紙から、カーペット、バスルームやベッド周りにいたるまで都電の走る街ならではの楽しみと体験を、テキスタイルやグラフィックに込めてデザインしました。都電に出会ったときのワクワク感や、都電に乗って眺める少しレトロで温かい街並みの雰囲気、街を行き交う人々の様子などをデザインに反映しています。SNIP SNAPという自社オリジナルのハサミでカットして遊べるテキスタイルの技術を応用したクッションカバーをはじめ、紙糸とウールを使った糸の高低差で線路を表現したラグ、電車や都電の操縦席に見立てた織クッションなどこだわりの詰まったテキスタイルが散りばめられています。