A corrugated textile originated by utilizing polyester shrinking yarn with extraordinary weaving mechanism. "UMI" takes you under the sea and brings you back on the land when viewed from the opposite side. This roughly woven textile of woolens is very light and is perfect for blankets. When it is being used or worn, the angles formed by wrinkles would partially change the images that appear on the surface and create a playful experience. テキスタイルの柔軟性に注目し、デザインしたのが motion textile です。収縮糸を活用し、表面が蛇腹のような表情を持つテキスタイルを開発しました。UMIは左、右で見る方向によって柄の見え方が変化します。右から見ると海の中の景色、左から見ると海の外から見た景色が現れます。

wool, polyester, made in JAPAN ウール、 ポリエステル、日本製